Part 5: How to Configure Settings in Lightroom

Now that you have the basic stuff up running time to move on the Settings and Options!

Basically for the TuneShark V1.0 Plugin option menu there are 3 Main Tabs,

1. Tuneshark Limits, Keyboard Keys and Other Settings

2. Develop Presets

3. Paste Settings

To go into this setting. Go to File > Plug-in Extras > Options and Settings

Tuneshark Limits, Keyboard Keys and Other Settings

This is the setting where you have the Tuneshark Limits, Basic settings and Keyboard User Keys. 

i. Setting the Limits for Knobs and Sliders

This setting is useful if you do not plan to use the whole stretch of Min to Max of a particular setting in Lightroom. For example for temperature, if you do change the setting here, the range of the temperature is very wide. So this makes the slider at Quickboard to be extremely sensitive, meaning any small movement at the Quickboard will result in a very big movement in the settings.

If you just need to make minor adjustment, then we can ignore the extreme end of the temperature or exposure, making the slider movement less sensitive. 

Another important usage of this is to make the temperature centrallised in original raw photos.

When you load a raw photo, the position of the initial temperature might be at different point of the slider, which is not at the middle. For example here this Nikon raw photo when loaded to LR, its around at 5300. the middle point is near to the 2000 temperature side, which makes the slider neutral point out from the center.

Since the blueish side is 2000 (min), ori range is 5300, while the other end is 50000! So this creates a big gap between the temperature middle point and far end point. To fix this, take 5300 - 2000 = 3300. And then add 3300 to 5300 (middle point), and this will come up to around 8600. So we drag the far end blueish corner to 8600. This will make the slider go into middle for temperature. 

This can be configured for other settings as well such as Tint Limits, Exposure Limits, and Straighten Angle Limits. Basically this limits make the "sensitivity decrease" at the Quickboard, so you can work with the range that you usually will adjust too (less towards extreme ends of each functions, for example very unlikely you will adjust the exposure to be -100 and +100 right? so we can set the knob max to -40 to +40 so that you can have more fine tuning!) 

For "straight angle" you can set it to -15 to +15, because usually we just need to tweak abit of the horizontal angle. 

ii. Setting the Limits for Knobs and Sliders