Hmmm, you need some different functions to fit your fingers? Don't worry, we got that covered! Yup, we understand that each photographer has their own preferences in their flow of editing. 

Map your own settings

Always remember to click "Pair QuickBoard 360" to start. Or for if it still doesn't detect, just remove the USB cable and plug the cable back again. It should work :) 

As default, Tuneshark standard settings will be loaded (from TuneShark Key.xml file). This is the keys that is designed and researched by our team after trying out with a dozen of professional photographers. To start mapping your own settings, you can start by activating a knob/dial/button on Quickboard 360. 

The grey shading will highlight the particular key and functions that it is on. For example here, its at Panel 1: Key 3: Temperature function.

To set your own setting, click on the function column TemperatureThe Lightroom function menu will then appear. So now, if you want to change the function key to Exposure, point the mouse to Basic > Exposure, and click it. 

 Now the Panel 1: Key 3 will be changed to Exposure. To keep this setting, you can either over write the TuneShark Key.xml or you can choose to save it as your own settings by key in your own name.

**Tuneshark app is programmed to load the first file XML file name in the folder when you launch the app next time, so either you move the existing preset xml elsewhere, or rename it so that it will be on the top of the folder (anything before the alphabet T)**

There you have it. You can repeat this for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers settings. Every single key is programmable! 



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