Part 3: How to use the TuneShark App

Alright, You must be eager to tweak around the Quickboard 360 right? Lets see what the app can do for you!

Using the Tuneshark Factory Preset

The Tuneshark Apps and Quickboard 360 comes with a preset factory settings where it can be used straight away. Below is the preset settings that you can use directly. What you see now is settings for 10 Knobs, 10 Silders and 17 buttons in Panel 1. 

Panel 1 Settings (Basic Panel)

Panel 2 Settings (Presets, Hue and Saturation Panel)

In this panel, you can quickly adjust the saturation and hue of each color chanels using the knobs and sliders. For the buttons, all the 9 buttons will be following the Lightroom presets that you prefered (such as black and white, sepia, vintage etc). The presets have to be selected in TuneShark Options and Settings, in Lightroom.  

Panel 3 Settings (Luminance and Split Toning)

In this settings you will be able to configure the Luminance setting of each color channel and as well as the Split Toning settings.

Panel 4 Settings (For Black and White)

In this settings you will be able to configure all the color channels when you are editing in Black and White mode. 

 Yes. These are some of the basic settings for now. Check out the next page to get to know more on how you can set your own preferred settings if you want to! 


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