Part 2: How to Configure TuneShark

Great! You are one step closer to your new cool toy now. Lets move on to how to configure your TuneShark Quickboard 360 to work!

Load Lightroom Settings

1. After successfully installed the Tuneshark apps, we have to load the standard option settings first. Go to Plug-in Extras > Load Settings

2.Choose the Tuneshark Options.txt file and load it. This is the file where all the standard options in Lightroom is saved. 

Launch the TuneShark App

1.Then we proceed to Lightroom, File > Plugin-in Extras > Launch TuneShark

2. After the TuneShark app is launched, go to Settings tab at TuneShark apps.

3. The Settings menu will pop up. Click Choose Profile Folder.

4. Click the drop down menu, and find the folder of TuneShark V1.0, the folder that you unzipped earlier, then click open. Reminder you do not have go into the TuneShark.lrplugin, just stop at TuneShark V1.0, because this is the folder that contains the XML file, even though it does not show up here. 

If you do it correctly, the all the Quickboard 360 settings will all appear. Then click on Pair QuickBoard 360, you are good to go!


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