Part 1: How To Install TuneShark Quickboard 360

Congratulation for your new purchase of TuneShark Quickboard 360! Before we start the setup, you need to make sure that your current system is suitable or upgraded to suit the usage of TuneShark App. Both Mac and Windows can be used to run the TuneShark plugin.

  1. Make sure your Adobe Lightroom is updated to latest version which is the Adobe Lightroom CC or at least Adobe Lightroom 6Tuneshark apps will not run on older version of Lightroom. You can purchase latest version or download trial from Adobe official site.
  2. Your current device (laptop or desktop) must be able to support Adobe Lightroom smoothly.

Downloading of the Plugin

TuneShark apps is basically a plugin file that contains both the .exe for windows and .app file for Mac. This plugin can be used for both Windows and Mac.

Please click this link to download the TuneShark V1.0 plugin. 

After downloading the plugin, extract the zip file to reveal the folder. 

There are 3 files in the folder, which is TuneShark.lrplugin (main LR file) and also tuneshark_key.xml.  Basically Tuneshark Key.xml is the file where all the Quickboard mapping setting is saved. Tuneshark Options.txt is file that contains all the lightroom settings. You can move this whole folder to any desired location for storage such as Desktop etc. 

Remarks For Mac User, because its a file downloaded from the internet this step will have to be done. Right click to show package contents.  

Go to Hold CTRL button and then click right click open at the same time. When the warning pop up appears, click open again. You will have to do this for once only. Close the Tuneshark pop up after that. 

Installing the Plugin into Lightroom

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom
  2. Go to File then click Plugin Manager

3. Click add plugin. Go to the folder of the dowloaded files, then select on TuneShark.lrplugin. Then click add plug in. 

You can see the files are successfully added, and the TuneShark apps will pop up. After you are done please proceed to part 2 of the guide. Click here


If you face any problem please contact us at or message us at the chatbox support below.