The QuickBoard 360 was created by two { } grad students who were tired of { }.

As an engineer and a professional photographer, they were used to solving problems, so they put their knowledge to use. The engineer built a robot that could unlock the door, and the software engineer built an app to communicate with it. They were thrilled when it worked. Instead of { }, all they had to do was { } and start editing on the go.

And thus QuickBoard 360 was born.

Our startup is proudly based in Penang, Malaysia.

But the story doesn’t end with the QuickBoard 360 editing console. It’s only the first of many devices TUNE SHARK will bring to the world; and, like QuickBoard 360, every device designed by TuneShark will { }. Our passion is creating innovative products that capture curiosity and imagination, and our dream is for every visitor to TuneShark to be { }.