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QuickBoard in action with Eddie Putera

By reknown professional photographer, Eddie Putera: EDITING PHOTOS THE FUN WAY . With the revolutionary product by TUNESHARK. The quickboard360 allows you to edit your pictures in lightroom with just pushing dials and turning knobs. Watch the feature video:

Review by Anwar Abdullah from KAIO STUDIO

Bahasa Malaysia review oleh Anwar Abdullah, Creative Director of Kaio Studio. Menurut video review Kaio, QuickBoard360 dari TuneShark banyak akan membantu kita daripada segi photo editing. Sebuah alat yang bakal membantu kebanyakan photo editor untuk menambahkan produktiviti suntingan foto dalam aplikasi Adobe Lightroom. Selalunya untuk photoshoot majlis perkahwinan atau event, editing gambar memang beribu-ribu. Setengah orang akan menggunakan mouse, […]

Quickboard 360 by TuneShark

Get ready to make, create, and refine with the Quickboard 360 Photo Editing Console. Specially engineered for Adobe Lightroom, this incredible device is perfect for photographers to get the exact images they imagine. Plugging into your Mac or PC, the Quickboard 360 console gives allows you to control even the smallest details on your images with unmatched […]

Speed up Photo Editing

This device hopes to make your editing tasks faster and more accurate by providing dedicated physical controls for many of the most commonly used adjustments, settings, and functions. Featuring a keyboard-like design, it should feel at home in front of your monitor and, after a few uses, will easily become a part of your image-editing […]