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What is QuickBoard 360?

What is QuickBoard 360?

QuickBoard 360 by TuneShark is an out of the box, a revolutionary new photo editing device, designed so that photographers can have more controls over the settings in Lightroom. At first glance you might mistake it as a DJ console with its dials, buttons and scrolling wheels; but this is actually a powerful, hands-on and highly intuitive accessory you can use instead of a mouse (or pen) and keyboard.

Photo Editing Made Easy

Photo Editing Made Easy

QuickBoard 360 is a brilliant hack, designed to enhance the experience of any level of photographers using Adobe Lightroom™ software. With the Tune Shark apps, photographers and creative editors can assign and map the desired buttons with their own preferences.

  • Tune images adjust photos with Quick Board photo editing device
  • Quickboard by TuneShark photo editing made easy

Why QuickBoard 360?

  • Change your usual way of editing

    All serious photographers and graphic designers know that editing photographs is very time consuming, the traditional mouse and keyboard is neither practical nor ergonomically efficient, and that workflow is continuously interrupted when your eyes can’t stay on the image.

  • Beautiful and functional design

    QuickBoard 360, simply, will change the way photo post-production is conducted. With its beautiful and functional design, the console’s set of features and intuitive usability makes it unique.

  • For professionals and amateurs

    QuickBoard 360 will allow a broad group of people, from amateurs to professionals, to instantly raise their game by increasing their creativity, productivity and efficiency.


Who is QuickBoard 360 by TuneShark for?

QuickBoard 360 is a photo editing accessory for passionate amateurs and experienced professionals in the fields of photography and graphic design and is designed to work with the Adobe Lightroom™.

QuickBoard 360 is for people who demand an interface where eyes and hands work seamlessly together, so that the full potential of every frame is at fingertip control.

What operating system can be used?

Quickboard 360 and Tuneshark Apps runs on both Windows and Mac. Tuneshark requires Adobe Lightroom 6 onwards or Adobe Lightroom CC

Can we use QuickBoard 360 and Tuneshark on other softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro?

For now Tuneshark Apps is specifically designed for Adobe Lightroom only. But in the future, who knows, we might introduce upgrate for QuickBoard 360 to be used with other editing softwares.

If we prefer our own settings on the board can we do that?

Yes, we know every photographers has got their own preference and functions that they might use more than the ones that factory preset. Don't worry, Tuneshark Apps is fully customisable so that the photographers can map their own keys and preference. There are up to 108 keys!

How do I get started with using QuickBoard 360?

We have a user guide as well as tutorials to show you how easy it is to start working with the QuickBoard 360. You will be able to start using the Quickboard in just a few easy steps to setup so that the console works with your preferred operating system and Lightroom settings.

Buy TuneShark QuickBoard 360 (READY STOCK)

RM459.00 MYR
  • Fine tuning and precision that can't be achieve using a keyboard
  • Short cut keys mapped into the buttons
  • Self-programmable function buttons (more than 38 programmable buttons and dials, 4 banks, meaning 152 function keys)
  • Plug and play with USB 2.0
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac and ADOBE Lightroom 6 or CC onwards